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“Discover The Strategies That Took Me
$1,000,000 in eBay Sales...

...And How The Easy To Use Software I
To My Monthly PROFITS!"

For the First Time Offered to the eBay Community...
...You Can Now Use The Revolutionary
ProfitBuilder Software to:

(1)Make The LARGEST Possible PROFIT On 
ALL Your eBay SALES,

(2)Know EXACTLY How Much PROFIT You
Can Make On Each Item BEFORE Ever
Listing It On eBay,

(3)Find Out Which Products Will Make You
The MOST MONEY…and Which Products
To Stay Away From,

(4)Take Complete CONTROL of Your



Dear eBay Entrepreneur,

If you’re looking to have an eBay business that can make a
lot of money, you’re probably searching for answers…but
you don’t know where to turn.

If you’re like most people, you’ve already invested in many
eBay courses and products that promise instant success
…but you still haven’t gotten the results you really want.

The problem is that most people that teach how to succeed
on eBay
mainly focus on making sales, which is an
important first step

But they FORGET the One Thing that can literally
Make or Break your business…

Reality is... to TRULY be successful on eBay, there are
(2) things you MUST have that are Absolutely Critical: 


(1)Time Tested Strategies That Generate A
Lot of Sales,

…AND…(Much More Importantly)…

(2) A Proven System That Will Produce The
Maximum Profit On Every Sale You Make.


(I learned this lesson…PAINFULLY…from my own experience)

A couple years ago, in my spare time, I began selling dvds
and video games from my college dorm room…and was
able to see results very quickly.

By listing my products on eBay, I was making a tremendous
amount of sales…and I figured I was successful…but I soon
realized something that would later transform my business…

I Was Leaving Thousands of Dollars On The Table!

Without even knowing it…I had been making key mistakes
in my approach that were greatly limiting my profits.

There are costs and details specific to selling on eBay... and
by ignoring those things, I was costing myself a great deal
of money.

Knowing that…I developed a software program that could
manage these details for me and give me more control over
my business.

After only using it for a matter of months…my business had
seen such a transformation and that's when eBay invited
me to participate in their annual convention
( eBay Live! )

…where I shared my strategies with 1,400 eBay

From the audience reaction I realized that most of these
people were not reaching their full profit potential, and
could immediately benefit by using my software.

It was at this point that I decided to make my software
available to the eBay community…

…and write a book to describe the many techniques and
strategies that I used to turn my business into a success.

I’ve put them together into an EASY TO USE SYSTEM
that will give you all the Information and Tools
you need to have a THRIVING eBay business.

If you can open your mind to some new ideas and have the
courage to take some action, the results you want will come
faster than you realize.

So let’s get right to it.

It’s time to…

“Wake Up and Take Control!”

When it comes to being successful with eBay…when it’s all
said and done, it comes down to one thing…


Most people think that the best way to do this is to work like
crazy to make as many sales as possible…

…But they get so wrapped up in trying to become the next
big PowerSeller that they completely lose sight of what
they’re doing.

Remember…when you’re selling on eBay you’re running
an actual BUSINESS

…And in any business there are many details and
expenses that you need to keep your eye on if you want
to be successful.

Ebay spends millions of dollars on advertising to attract the
exact people to their site that need and want to buy your
products…and in exchange for these potential customers
you pay eBay fees.

Think of these as YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS as you
never attract the amount of people that eBay
brings to you.

If you know how to manage these fees effectively this is a
small price to pay…

But the challenge is most people don’t pay much attention
to these costs…or have any idea what to do to keep them
under control…so they end up overpaying and
LOSE a large part of their PROFITS.

If you don't have a system that can help you keep your fees UNDER CONTROL, your eBay business will NEVER be able to pull in the PROFITS you really want!

"The Overlooked Concept That Can
Add Thousands of Dollars To Your

After realizing that I had literally thrown away thousands
of dollars
unnecessary eBay fees (something that could
have been easily prevented) I created…

ProfitBuilder Software…

…a unique software program that has not only kept my
eBay fees under control, but has also allowed me to pocket
the maximum profits on all of my sales.

As an eBay seller who’s sold thousands of items, I knew
exactly what problems I needed a software program to solve
…so I developed each feature with that in mind.

The ProfitBuilder Software Can

Quickly and Easily Help You To:

(1) PREDICT IN ADVANCE how much PROFIT you can expect to make from each sale,

(2) Only list the items that you KNOW will lead to maximum Profits,

(3) Determine which listing price will give your items the best chance to SELL, while pulling in the largest possible PROFIT,

(4) Learn which products you need to stay away from,

(Some of the products you’re selling may be draining your bank account…without you even knowing it),

(5) Understand THE TRUTH about where your money is going,

(6) Determine which listing format and eBay upgrades lead to the most Profit,

(7) Know how much Profit you can make if your products sell right away, and exactly how much Profit you lose each time your items are relisted,

(8) Identify the items you’re currently selling that are NOT making Profit…

(The software can quickly help you understand what you’re doing wrong, and determine exactly what you can do to get the results you want),

(9)Know when a particular item is too “risky” to list on
eBay in an
auction or fixed price format…

(The special “Risk Level” feature will show you how much risk you’re taking on by choosing to list certain items (on a scale of 1-5), so you know at all times if you’re on the right track),

(10)Avoid costly mistakes by knowing exactly what you’re getting into before you ever list an item for sale, and…

(11)Make informed decisions that can save you from unnecessary eBay fees…and immediately add thousands of dollars to your Profits!



The ProfitBuilder Software makes it very simple to keep all
the details of your business under control…making it possible
to reach your full potential each time you make a sale.

Most eBay sellers don’t even bother to pay attention to all
these details because it’s too time consuming and
overwhelming. But with the software, you can stay on top
of everything in a matter of minutes
…allowing you to “work smarter” and more effectively.

It literally removes all of the guesswork from your business,
and immediately makes it possible to quickly pocket hundreds
…even thousands of dollars in extra profits each month.

…But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

If you’re anything like me, you don’t believe in something
until you see it with your own eyes…so I want to demonstrate
exactly how the software works.

You’ll experience firsthand how most eBay sellers are
costing themselves thousands of dollars in profits, and
how the software can easily prevent this from happening.

Click Here to see a VIDEO demonstration.


“Need To See More?”

Here are just a couple of the testimonials I’ve received
from people who are using ProfitBuilder Software
to improve their eBay businesses:

"Using ProfitBuilder Software makes pricing so easy!!"

April Smalley

"I think the software is extremely helpful since it gives you a risk level for your item based on what type of listing and price you are going to use. That way you know up front what your profit potential is and maybe there are some items that you shouldn't even bother trying to sell except in your ebay store."

Shelley Martenson

“Now that I’ve read your information and played around with ProfitBuilder Software I understand why I didn’t make as much as I thought I would when I listed my items for sale before. Just being able to see what happens with my profit when my item doesn’t sell soon enough is very empowering. It’s great that you can know when it’s time to cut your price to sell faster and actually make more money instead of letting the items not sell week after week. Thanks a lot.”

Sean Kobeski

"A Revolutionary Guide To Profiting
On eBay”

In addition to the software, you’ll receive 200 pages of
information packed with strategies that can help your eBay
business reach its full potential.

I’ve had the good fortune of quickly being able to build a
large scale eBay business from the ground up…

…And I know that if you open your mind to what I have to
share with you I can help you do the same thing.

This information not only gets into advanced strategies that
I use every day to make profits, but it goes deeper into
everything that’s needed to start and run a successful
eBay business.

Check out what these eBay sellers had to say:

“I would highly recommend that anybody thinking about starting an eBay business read eBay Millionaire or Bust. This book offers an insightful and detailed look at the workings of eBay that every eBay user should understand before selling on eBay.”

Dylan Chapman
President, Connections Accessories


“There is lots of information out there on how to sell on eBay, Corey, but your guide puts the rest to shame by telling us something we don’t already know!

From topics such as how to make the most profit on everything you sell on eBay, to how to negotiate the best prices and credit terms for your products.

Corey, thanks for revealing your little known secrets that have made you a successful top seller on eBay. This information was a fascinating read I wasn’t able to put down!”

April Smalley


“Best eBay Guide You Will Ever Read -
Advice Written by a Top Seller”

“I have checked out all the other eBay information on the market, and I can say with confidence that this guide is by far the best.

Corey teaches you how to ensure that you build a profitable eBay business, as opposed to simply learning to list and sell items.

The way he used profitability examples to show how profit margins can change in different situations really helped me, and the ProfitBuilder Software program that he uses is so helpful and will make a huge difference in how much money you can make!

His profitability strategies within the eBay marketplace are brilliant and are so essential to running an eBay business effectively.

A great feature of the guide is that he gives a ton of examples of strategies he uses in his own business that made him thousands in additional profit. Anything from how to keep your start-up costs at an absolute minimum, to minor alterations he made in the type of packaging material he used to reduce his cost by $10,000 over a year!

He also does some pretty interesting things with his relationships with banks that generate additional profit for his company. Plus, there is a section about negotiating with suppliers which I found particularly interesting.

There are so many ways to earn extra profit just by asking the right questions and setting up the right type of relationships with your suppliers.

Many eBay books and information packages out there are written by pretty small-time sellers or authors who interviewed big sellers and reported their research. What is so great about this information is that Corey built his business from the ground up, and is now a very successful seller on eBay, and wrote all this information himself!

There’s no fluff, it’s the real deal.

There is information in here for those who are just looking to get started, and for even the most advanced eBay sellers. If you want to be successful on eBay, buying this ProfitBuilder Software package is the place to start!

Kevin Pringles

This information will give you the foundation you need from
day one to think like a successful eBay entrepreneur and
make the best possible decisions for your business.

You’ll hit the ground running knowing exactly what you’re
doing…and what it takes to achieve the results you really

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Learn…


“Get The Right Products…
…At a Price That Makes Sense”

One of the most important parts of setting up your eBay
business is finding the products that sell

But more importantly…being able to get them from a supplier
at a reasonable price.

So how do you go about this?

I’ll show you how to:


(1) Identify the products that people want to buy

(I’ll show you the FREE TOOL that I use every day to determine which products to sell…

…This simple tool clearly identifies the products that have the
best combination of a high demand in the eBay market, with a low  enough level of competition so you can consistently make sales.

(2)Find the right product sources

(Get access to the same product sources that supply the largest retail chains in the country)…

(3)Get an account with a major supplier

(Find out how to get the largest suppliers in the country to take you seriously…

 …and how you can use specific questions to negotiate the
 best price and credit terms on their products.)


“Succeed in Advance By Using
The Right Listing & Pricing Strategies”

Once you have access to your products, the goal quickly
turns to listing them on eBay and closing as many sales
as possible.

This can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing…

…But if you’re armed with the right strategies, the process
of making sales becomes simple.

Once you have a set game plan in place and know what to
look for, success can come very quickly.

I’ll show you the exact listing and pricing strategies that I
use to consistently close thousands of sales

…The same strategies that…in less than a year…took my
business from struggling to becoming one of
eBay’s Top Sellers

You‘ll learn how to:


(1) Use your Competition to immediately increase your Conversion Rates,

(2) Find the right pricing strategy for any situation to consistently convert sales,

(3)Use the same selling strategies as the world’s largest retail chains,

(You’ll discover specific pricing techniques that retail giants have been using for years…and how you can apply them to your eBay business)…

(4)Determine which listing strategies will be best for the growth of your business,

(5)Use the power of QUESTIONS to make sure your eBay business reaches its full potential,

(I’ll share the 24 questions I ask myself on a regular basis that keep me focused and consistently take my business to a new level…)

(6)Create an exceptional Feedback Rating that will make people WANT to do business with YOU

“Make More By Working Less”

No matter how much money you make in your business…
if it takes a night and day effort to keep things going, you’ll
never get what you really want.

After all…What good is it to have a substantial amount of
money if you don’t have any time left to enjoy your life?

I realized this soon after I started my eBay business; and
through trial and error…

…I began using a number of techniques that not only
continued to increase my profits, but actually cut my
workload by more than 50%!

I can show you how to:

(1) Run your business efficiently

(I’ll show you what you can do each day to stay organized and make sure each task gets handled quickly)

(2) Get other people to do the work for you

(How to find quality employees that will be happy to work for low wages…

...And how you can use fulfillment houses to pack and ship all your products for you)

(3) Use the power of AUTOMATION to shave hours off your work day


“How Your eBay Business Can
Save You Thousands of Dollars”

As an eBay business owner, you can receive incredible
tax benefitseven if you only work your business
part time.

If you know how to go about it…

…You can literally take the thousands of dollars that would
usually go to the government and put it right back into
your pocket!

I’ll show you how to:

(1) Keep much more of your income

(Even if you only work your eBay business part time, you can use it to pay less taxes on the income from your day job)

(2) Increase Profits using TAX LOOPHOLES and Business Deductions

(Legitimate start up and operating business deductions and how to be eligible for them)

(3) Convert personal expenses into Tax Deductions

(Money for your children, parents, and travel…

….And special tax loopholes for homeowners including using your eBay business to subsidize the appreciation of your home)


“Create Wealth While You Sleep!”

Regardless of how much money you generate from your
eBay business, it’s really only the beginning.

If you’re serious, you can actually…

…Use the Thousands of Dollars in Tax Savings Every
Year to
Build for your Retirement.

Using a combination of specific banking and investment

…You can immediately put that money to work for you in a
way that not only can add to your monthly profits, but can
also build your financial future for years to come.

 I can show you how to:

(1) Profit while you sleep…

(How to use creative banking techniques and credit from suppliers to quickly expand your profits),

(2)Generate the largest return from your eBay business

(How to use investing and wealth building strategies that
build your net worth and protect your assets as they grow)…

…And much more…

“Still Skeptical?”

Look what a few well respected Small Business
Educators and Successful Business People had to say:

“Corey’s insight and inquisitiveness makes this package a must for anyone interested in starting and running a profitable eBay business. Corey offers a unique perspective from his own eBay business experience, revealing profit maximizing strategies that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Peter J. Burns III

President and Founder, Institute For Entrepreneurship

“Who doesn’t want to be successful? There are many measures of success and many paths to get there. Corey Kossack’s eBay Millionaire or Bust is a great guide book for the entrepreneurial journey whether your destination is eBay Millionaire or simply for business success.”

Joan Koerber-Walker

CEO of the Arizona Small Business Association and Chairman of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation

"There are people like Corey in the world whose imagination, energy, intelligence and sheer brazen chutzpa is beyond belief. And not only that, but he’s as smart as a razor blade. He can cut corners with the sharpest of them. He can slice it and dice it down and across and sideways, and come up with a whole orange when he’s done.

Corey can teach us something if we listen to him.”

Michael E. Gerber

NY Times Bestselling Author of The E Myth Revisted and
the World’s #1 Small Business Guru


“The ProfitBuilder Package Deal”

My software and information package will arm you with all
the tools and strategies you need to be successful
with eBay.

You'll learn the same time tested and proven techniques
that I've been able to apply to my eBay business with
outstanding results.

Both the information and the software, when used separately,
can have a dramatic impact on your business...

...But when you use both in combination, you'll have access
to a complete system that can prepare you for any
challenge that comes your way.

In addition, the package will also include a "Member's Only"
to make sure you have the greatest chance to
become a successful and profitable eBay seller.

If you ever have questions about how to apply certain
techniques or how to use the ProfitBuilder Software more

...You can email me your questions and I will include my
responses in the "Member's Only" Newsletter, along with
any new ideas, concepts, or information that I come across
that can add to the success of your eBay business.

The original retail price for this one of a kind package
was $297, which includes a 1 year subscription to the
ProfitBuilder Software, the 200 page guide to profiting on
eBay, and a 1 year subscription to the "Member's Only"

But even though my customers felt the package was well
worth the price...

...I want to provide the best value possible so that anyone,
on any budget, can take advantage of what I have to offer.

So...FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME...I'm going to give you
access to my system for a fraction
of the original price.

This special package deal has two different options to
choose from that both offer exceptional value:


$19.95 Monthly Membership*

This option is a great choice if you're someone who has a
limited amount of money to work with or prefers to pay as
you go.

For only $19.95, you can get complete access to my system
for an entire month with no further obligation.

Use my system every day for the first month and if you're not
100% convinced that this package will be a major asset to
your eBay business, just cancel the membership and owe
nothing more.

OPTION #2:    ( The eBay Live! Special Offer )

$97 Annual Membership*

( Only available for a short time)

This option offers an unbeatable value if you're serious
about taking your eBay business to the next level.

To reward those who are driven enough to purchase a full
1 year membership, I'm taking 70% off of the original
price of $297... you the opportunity to achieve the results you want
with the minimum possible investment.

For only 25 cents a day, you can have full access to the
ProfitBuilder Software, learn and apply my techniques and
strategies, and have my guidance every step of the way to
make sure your eBay business reaches it's full potential.

Being the greatest value, many of my customers are
choosing this option while its
still available.

Remember...this is a SPECIAL OFFER that is extremely
time sensitive, so you'll need to ACT FAST if you want
to get in at this highly discounted price.

"The Choice Is Yours"

If you've looked at everything up to this point, but you're
still unsure if this is for you; then I would ask yourself
the following questions:

(1)Are you REALLY making the PROFITS you feel you

And if you're not...

(2)Do you have a plan in place or a specific tool that
can help you create that kind of success?

...Think long and hard about this and be honest with yourself...
If your answer is "NO"...then you owe it to yourself to at
least give my system a shot.

I truly believe that no matter what results you've gotten in
the past, this software and information package will
take your business to the next level.

Remember...for a limited time, I'm giving you two options
that each offer a tremendous value:

(1) You can get started for $19.95 with no further
obligation, or...

(2) You can take advantage of my eBay Live! offer
and get complete access to my system for only
25 cents a day.

Either'll experience a major savings from the
original retail price, while getting a package that could
potentially add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars
to your monthly profits.

Plus...the cost of this package is completely tax deductible
as a business what do you really have to lose?

Take action today and put yourself on the road to achieving
the results you deserve.

* Packages which include the book will have a one time
shipping and handling fee of $6.95 for priority mail service.

For those who already own the book, the software is
available separately.

I wish you the best.

To Your Success,

Corey Kossack


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