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            We want you to be successful as a seller on eBay. So we have put together a special package deal for you to help you succeed.

ProfitBuilder Software is the tool we created and use ourselves to help us make the most profit on every item that we list for sale on eBay. It helps us determine what items to list for sale, at what price, with which listing features, and in which listing format. We know in advance exactly how much profit we could make on the item depending upon the length of time it takes for that item to sell. ProfitBuilder Software gives you the information so you will know when you would make more profit by actually selling your item for less money. You’ll even discover when you should not even bother to list an item for sale using a specific feature or listing format because it won’t make enough profit by the time it sells.

My book, EBay Millionaire or Bust: Hidden Strategies To Maximize Profits and Create Wealthreveals many tips and hidden strategies that I discovered while building my eBay business and becoming a top seller.  It really covers “What Most People Don’t Know About Selling On eBay”. The book explains what it takes to be a profitable eBay business; explains how to use the software to make the most profit on every item listed on eBay; how to find products and negotiate the very best prices and terms; strategies to run your business efficiently and in less time; and how to set up your business properly to take advantage of the tax and financial benefits that you are entitled to as a business owner.

With this special software and information that helped make me a top seller, you will have the best chance to become a successful and profitable eBay seller. But to be sure you have the best chance to succeed, we are also going to include a Member’s Only Newsletter that will answer your questions along the way. Email your questions when you have them and I will answer them in the Member’s Only Newsletter along with my ongoing insights into new ideas for ways to profit on eBay.

This special package deal will also save you a lot of money! The package includes a one year subscription to ProfitBuilder Software, the EBay Millionaire or Bust book, and a one year subscription to the Member’s Only Newsletter.

With this special offer you will save over 60% off the normal cost of a one year subscription to the software and the book. As an introductory offer we are going to give you one year of the software, the book, and the special Member’s Only Newsletter to answer your questions along the way for only $97 (normally $257) plus $5.95 shipping and handling for priority mail.

For only 25 cents a day you can use my software and have my guidance as a top eBay seller to help you make the most profit on every item that you list for sale on eBay!

 You will be entitled to renew before the end of the first year for the same price going forward. You will be offered the option to renew at that time and will only be charged for the one year at this time.

Already own the book? Let us know at the time of purchase and we’ll extend your membership for an extra two months!


To your success,


Corey Kossack

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