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EBay Millionaire or Bust: Hidden Strategies to Maximize Profits and Create Wealth will teach you how to really make money on eBay.

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Sitting in his college dorm room at the age of 20, Corey Kossack took $1,000 from savings and jump-started his $1,000,000 eBay business, Koss DVD, becoming one of eBay’s “Top Sellers”. A complete novice in business prior to his eBay adventures, Corey learned to get the attention of the largest retail distributors and optimize his eBay listings using software tools to ensure his business generated the maximum amount of profit. EBay Millionaire or Bust: Hidden Strategies That Maximize Profits and Create Wealth will take you step by step through this exact process.

After speaking at eBay’s annual convention and training event, eBay Live, Corey realized the eBay community needed his help. Unlike those “other” eBay books out there that claim to give readers the path to success by instructing the basics of opening an eBay store, creating listings and finding “hot” products to sell, eBay Millionaire or Bust: Hidden Strategies That Maximize Profits and Create Wealth teaches readers what to focus on to really make money on eBay.

This book includes a powerful foreword by Michael E. Gerber, the World’s #1 Small Business Guru and NY Times bestselling author of The E-myth Revisited.


Dear eBay entrepreneur,

            This book reveals the hidden strategies and tips I discovered from running my own large-scale business on eBay. I started out with no expertise and no guidebook. Everything that I did to start and grow my business was done through trial and error and discovery. You can take advantage of lessons I learned while trying to start and grow Koss DVD.  Most of this information is not available anywhere else as these ideas and strategies were discovered by me as I looked for ways to work smarter and not harder growing my business.

Implementing the strategies revealed in this book will enable you to make more profit, save time operating your business, save on taxes, and convert your cost savings into investments to grow your net worth should you desire to put some of your profits to work for your future.

These are secrets and strategies that I personally use in my business and that have significantly increased my profits. The information presented here works in tandem with the ProfitBuilder Software to enable you to make more money on every item that you list on eBay.  You will make more profit on your items, because you will know the best type of auction, price, and features to use for each item, and understand how to price your items to sell and when you might even make more money by selling for less. You will also know which items to stay away from because they don’t provide enough profit to bother trying to sell in the first place. Or items that have a nice profit margin at the beginning but may take too long to sell, due to too much competition or not enough interest from buyers in the marketplace, thereby depleting your profit due to going unsold week after week.

There are many, many other strategies and tips that I reveal in the book that add profit to your business. Some of them may surprise you. Some of them are the result of using simple unknown strategies that increase profits but don’t require extra work on your part…just the knowledge that I have to share with you so you can implement them.

This  book is about What Most People Don’t Know About Selling On EBay:

- The hidden strategies that help you maximize your profits.

- How to increase what you make and reduce your risk of losing money on the wrong items, at the wrong price, listed in the wrong format.

- Everything from how to find the right products to sell at the right price and how to determine if there is sufficient demand in the market to sell that item.

- How to find product sources and how to present yourself and what questions to ask so that you get the best prices and credit terms.

-How to shorten your work day while increasing the amount of money you have to take to the bank.

-The pros and cons of automation, and simple methods to alter your business processes to save money and boost profits.

-How to increase your profits while you sleep.

- Hidden opportunities to make profit in business that are unknown to most people but that I reveal to you in this book.

- And the biggest reason why everyone should sell on eBay even if only part time (while you keep your day job).

Its worth selling on eBay just for these benefits alone. 

The book and software package is available nowhere else. No one has a profit making system that reveals to you how as a top seller they run their business and also lets you use their very own software which helps you save time and increases your profit potential. This is available as a package deal to help you start, grow or increase profits for your eBay business. For more information click here.

To your success,


Corey Kossack

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